CEproof Online is the first online Technical File Generator. Simply select from the options to describe the boat (number of hulls, length, power arrangement etc) and let the software select the appropriate standards. Then briefly describe the fundamentals of each system and CEproof Online will present you with a short task list for only those clauses of standards that apply to your specific boat. It will note, for the benefit of audit, why the other sections are inapplicable but your time can be spent on only the questions that matter.

Upload drawings of the boat and certificates for the key components fitted on-board and with the minimum of fuss,  a concise, accurate and up to date Technical File is ready for download and will be stored safely for you to update at any time.


The information from standards is powered by Rulefinder.net so that you may be assured it is both licensed and up to date.

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Generate Technical Files On-Line

Create Declarations of Conformity
in multiple languages

Approved by Notified Bodies

CEproof operates to the highest possible standards of quality and diligence and offers true peace of mind to its clients

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